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Aurelia is more of an experiment than a completed project, which I undertook as part of my exploration into patterns, scale, pulse and movement, spawned by my interest in creative evolution and duration, as developed by French theorist, Henri Bergson. 

While researching a wide variety of online video images, from cellular mitosis to blood cells and amoebas, to microbes found in pond scum, I found that the pulsing rhythm of moon jellyfish was particularly compelling and elusive at the same time.  It was equally interesting to see their fluid, mutable form and patterning echoed in everything from sperm to tadpoles, as well as the morphing human shapes seen in my original Ebb and Flow video.

Using as a starting point, my Ebb and Flow footage of the human forms gliding across the translucent stairs, I manipulate the perception of scale as well as of organism by slowing down the video footage until the stride of a human footstep is transitioned and its identity obscured into a sea of other ‘like’ organisms. I find it endlessly fascinating to observe that which forms a pattern of movement or embodiment on one scale and within one entity, is echoed similarly on a much larger or much smaller scale by another entity.

The Aurelia footage has become part of the palette and one of the elements with which I continue to explore and build new multi-disciplinary environments driven by my ongoing thematic interest in the connective threads inherent within the evolutionary process.

Single-channel video, 3:08 min

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