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Adrienne Trent, Ellen Bleiwas, Emily DiCarlo, Gunilla Josephson, and Marian Wihak are all Toronto based visual artists who share linkages and connections across 2 generations, and through a network of overlapping personal and professional relationships. In diverse yet focused ways, the arc of time, space and history, and the connective impacts and resonances activated within that universally compelling frame,  have thematically driven all of their practices.  

The five artists share a view of the world that transcends the limits of the day to day as their work reaches into the past, the evanescent, the ephemeral, and the ongoing…. with the subsequent talismans, relics, and vestiges of these histories used as markers and reminders of a larger realm of connectedness.

Conceived as a site responsive group exhibition situated within St. Anne's Anglican Church - a beautiful Byzantine Revival building in downtown Toronto - Ouroboros was a group exhibition staged in September 2018. The title references the themes of connectedness and continuity within each artist's individual work, and also suggests the sense of connectedness shared between each artist within the group.

To celebrate the conjoining of our artistic practices under the stunning dome of St. Anne’s, we invited Toronto’s Darbazi Choir to perform from their repertoire of traditional songs drawn from the republic of Georgia, a country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia with a centuries-old tradition of polyphonic singing. It was a very special evening.

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