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Drawing on the aesthetics of global film posters, I was asked to  create a 3D film poster environment within the atrium of Toronto International Film Festival's Lightbox. This installation was open to the public and was meant as an inviting entry point and enticement to visit a larger, affiliated and ticketed exhibition mounted within the Lightbox entitled TIFF PICTURE PALACE.  

The goal was to make our 3-D poster photo-op friendly, discoverable and visually striking as well as immersive, experiential, and encouraging for visitors to enter into the poster itself. I designed the installation to reference and evoke qualities and tactics found in traditional film set design, and in turn used forced perspective and scale to help tease out a narrative tableau, with the participant visitors as the central cast. We felt that using a black and white movie grey-scale, with a cinemascope sunset on the horizon, also lent to the texture of a classic film narrative. 

In line with the personal installations I have been making since around 2013, I also wanted to engage the visitors in a phenomenological, perceptual experience layered with both pleasure and disorientation; the ramping path with the forced perspective buildings flanking either side provided this result physically, with the surprising perceptual bonus of sound that echoed and bounced between the architecture. 

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